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First Bank to Host Spring Shred Day

Posted 4/14/2016

By Jackie Nelson

NEWTON — Shred old documents and protect personal identifying information at First Bank's Spring Shred Day on Saturday, April 16.

The event will be held from 9 a.m. to noon in the parking lot located at 2300 N Anderson Rd in Newton (previously known as the Alco Discount Store).

Shred-it will perform on-site secure document destruction.  Any type of paper, envelopes, folders or binders may be shredded. Rubber bands, staples and paper clips do not need to be removed.

The cost of this event is underwritten by First Bank. Large commercial shreds please contact First Bank prior to April 16.  For more information call 316-283-2600 or 888-283-2611.

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Strike! Schroeder Opens Shut-Out Game For Royals

Posted 4/14/2016

By Jackie Nelson

Last Saturday, Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder threw out the opening pitch for the Royals as they swept the Twins 7-0.

Heading to the mound, “I felt very excited, and very small, in that huge stadium,” he said.

Schroeder, and his family of Royals fans, had three days notice he would be opening the game for the Royals.

“A friend of ours contacted the Royals knowing that we are fans and go to a couple of games a year,” he said.

Schroeder added, he had to turn down the offer to throw the first pitch of the Royal’s season.

“The Royals wanted us to come on opening day, but we had plans so we opted for Saturday night’s game,” he said.

Before the game, Schroeder and his family received an exclusive tour of Kauffman Stadium.

“We were on the field for batting practice.  A couple of players signed balls for my kids., Everyone was so friendly, they are a real classy organization,” he said

Before taking to the mound, Schroeder was given little advice or guidance.

“There really wasn’t much prep, but you could tell that pre-game is a well-orchestrated event,” he said. 

When Schroeder left the rubber, he was escorted back to his family, in the front row of the stadium.

“We kept getting texts from family and friends that saw us on TV,” he said.

After the game, Schroeder was grateful for the whole experience.

“The highlight really was getting that experience with my family - it was a huge treat,” he said. 

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Excel Strong Hosting Benefit Ride April 23

Posted 4/14/2016



STOPS: Dan’s Cycle

Hutchinson American Legion

McPherson American Legion

Hillsboro American Legion

Newton American Legion

Alef’s Harley Davidson


END: 5 P.M.

By Jackie Nelson

 Saturday, April 23, an Excel Strong Benefit Run will kick off from Dan’s Cycle in Hesston.  The run is being coordinated by current and former Excel employees. Proceeds from the run will benefit the Hesston Community Foundation’s Relief Fund.

Vehicles will begin gathering at Dan’s Cycle in Hesston at 9 a.m. with the last vehicle leaving at 11 a.m. There is a $20 entry fee. Registration will take place the day of the ride. 

Coordinators Ryan VanValkenburgh and Mike Sechler are both motorcycle enthusiasts and were looking for a way to help families of the victims.

“I’ve been doing the Marion County Toy Run for the last 22 years. It’s in my blood to help out. This isn’t just a motorcycle event. This is for all vehicles - cars, trucks, horses, whatever,” said Sechler.

In addition to the run, which will have five stops, there will also be a raffle and an auction featuring items donated by Alefs Harley Davidson and a Raptor lawnmower, donated by Excel. 

VanValkenburgh, who has been involved with the motorcycle benefit community for the last four years, added the cause is what makes the ride important.

“I think it’s about knowing what it’s for. It’s not fun in the traditional way, but it feels good to give back and help the people that have a lot going on right now,” he said.

VanValkenburgh added as an Excel employee who recently moved from second shift, he knew many of the people directly impacted.

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Fire Not Always A Force Of Destruction

Posted 4/14/2016

By Jackie Nelson

While the destructive nature of fire has been a consistent topic in the media, Brad Guhr, Prairie Restoration Specialist at Dyck Arboretum said fire is one of the most ecologically tried and true methods of maintaining a prairie.

Last week, the Arboretum underwent a controlled burn of three acres.

“The necessity of fire is more in what it hurts than what it helps. Prairies were allowed to persist historically because of regular disturbance of fire. This disturbance limited establishment of woody shrubs and trees that would have eventually shaded and out-competed sun-loving prairie grasses and wildflowers,” said Guhr. 

Those same sun-loving plants will soon begin covering the blackened surface.

“It has been less than a week since the burn and we are already seeing sprouts of green. I am always fascinated by how prairie vegetation and wildlife thrive and are so adaptable to what can be considered to be a very destructive event,” said Guhr.

He added as part of the prairie management strategy at the Prairie Window Projects, sections are burnt in a three-year rotation. 

“Some undesirable nonnative species are more effectively managed with fire than mowing. For human benefit, it would be economy of resources. Depending on the acreage, most prairie managers will agree that burning requires less time and money. Grazing is another disturbance vector that limits establishment of trees and shrubs, but it has different effects on the composition of prairie vegetation,” he said.

During the April 4 burn, three staff members and two volunteers worked to contain the fire. 

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3 Candidates Have Filed for Sheriff’s Race

Posted 4/14/2016


Hesston Record Staff

With about six weeks to go before the June 1 filing deadline, the ballots voters will face are beginning to take shape.

In the Harvey County sheriff’s race, Bryan Hall has filed for the Democratic ticket, and Bruce Jolliff is making his second run as a Republican. Jolliff won the Republican primary in 2008, but he lost the general election to T. Walton, who is not running for re-election this year.

Chad Gay, a patrol officer and school resource officer with Newton Police Department, said he has obtained the necessary signatures to qualify as a Republican sheriff candidate. A candidate can either pay the filing fee, which is 1 percent of the salary of the position being sought, or obtain signatures from 10 percent of number of voters from the previous election. He currently is recovering from open-heart surgery caused by a birth defect and will take in the list of signatures to the county clerk in the coming weeks, he said.

“But I’m in. I just have to make it official,” he said.

Hall is a Newton police lieutenant, and Jolliff is an instructor with the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.

County Commissioner Randy Hague, who represents District 2, is seeking a second term. Commissioner Ron Krehbiel, who represents District 3, has not made up his mind whether he’ll run for a fifth term, however.

“It depends on who runs,” he said. “I definitely haven’t given up on the idea.”

To read more see this weeks print edition

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Future of School Funding Uncertain

Posted 4/14/2016


Hesston Record Staff

State Rep. Doug Schroeder told the USD 460 Board of Education on Monday night that he was planning for a special legislative session this year based on the possibility that the Kansas Supreme Court might reject the state’s new school funding formula.

A hearing on the funding plan, signed by Gov. Sam Brownback last week, is schedule for May 10. Schroeder said he anticipated a ruling this fall.

The court ruled in February that unless the state had a new funding plan in place by June 30 that adequately addressed equity requirements, public schools could be shut down.

Superintendent Ben Proctor told Schroeder and state Sen. Carolyn McGinn that he was at the point of having to have five different contingencies while planning a school budget.

Schroeder said she was skeptical about the bill because it passed “quickly.” He also said she didn’t care for the bill that much and didn’t think it would pass muster.

“I don’t know why we have to wait to the last minute for things like that, but that’s the way it works in the legislature,” he said.

McGinn said the state was “treading water,” and “the little pockets of money are gone.” According to her, some big decisions are going to have to change.

“We know the governor is totally opposed to changing his 2012 tax plan,” she said.

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