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Barbecue For Baseball, A Potential New Tradition For HC

Posted 4/28/2016

Written By Rusty Whitcher

Hesston Record Sports Commentator 


 It was one of the most memorable events of which I was asked to take part. 

It wasn’t a chase, or a hunt. It wasn’t some new extreme sport or off the wall competition. I didn’t have to wear any special gear or have any appendage taped.
It was a dinner, a plain and simple dinner for the Hesston College baseball team, its parents, family and some friends.
This dinner was very informal, served in the Campus Activities Center after the doubleheader on April 23. However, as informal as it was, it truly showed what it meant to be a Lark, a member of the Lark baseball team and the Hesston College family as well.
One of the baseball dads, Eric Horton from Denton, Texas and a baseball mom, Marilyn Berry from Mulvane, pulled this together with the help of Head Coach Kyle Howell. Most of the planning was done via text messaging, email and even the use of Twitter as people volunteered to bring food for their kids, some of whom were many miles from home.

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Bikers Raise $15,000 On Excel Benefit Run

Posted 4/27/2016

Benefit Run Photos

Last Saturday, 345 motorcyclists gathered at Dan’s Cycle to begin a charity ride for those affected by the Excel Shooting. The event, sponsored by Excel Strong, raised over $15,000 in registrations, T-shirt purchases, auction proceeds and donations.

The group traveled through four cities and ended at Alef’s Harley Davidson in Wichita, where a benefit auction was held and the crowd was treated to live music.   

Ilene Voth of Newton said she came to help support victims of the shooting.
“I really want to help, and I want to have fun,” she said. Voth took part in the run on a three-wheeler Harley Davidson. 

Lenny Lucky, who arrived on his 2009 Lowrider traveled from Hutchinson to take part in the run. 

“It’s a hell of a good cause,” he said.  

Tracy Keating of Chapman represented the support of Hesston College athletics.

“My two boys went to Hesston College and played soccer and this became a second home,” he said. 

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FBLA Sending 14 To National Competition

Posted 4/27/2016

After a very successful run at state competition, 14 Hesston High Future Business Leaders of America have earned a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to compete at Nationals June 27-July 3.  

Students will be competing in nine different categories, ranging from public speaking to global business. 

Sponsor Denise Goevert said 52 students qualified to compete at state this spring. 

“We had a great showing from all of our members, but several groups entered impromptu events that were new to them and did well,” she said. 

Students participating in FBLA were up against 1,500 other Kansas high schoolers vying for a seat at Nationals. 

“It’s still a big deal. I think the last few years a lot of people have made it to nationals. It’s a lot of work. Everyone put in a lot of work. You have ot have skills, you can’t just walk in and make it to nationals,” said Abigail Decker, who qualified for nationals in Entrepreneurship, Global Business and Partnership with Business. 

Sofia Goodman, who qualified for nationals in Entrepreneurship, Partnership and Business and Public Speaking 2, said students must work hard outside of school to advance.

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Kohlman Hits The Finish Line Of First Emma Creek Classic

Posted 4/27/2016

This past weekend Hesston Rec Commission Director Brad Kohlman completed his first Emma Creek Classic. 

While Kohlman was obviously not a participant in the race, this was his first Emma Creek 5K experience.  

“I thought it went rather smoothly. I was a bit nervous, but I knew everything would work out because of all of the experienced volunteers we have,” he said. 

This year, the Emma Creek Classic saw an uptick in participants.
“We were just over the 900-runners mark, an increase of almost 60 runners compared to last year,” he said. 

With hundreds of women taking part in the event, as well as accommodating supporters, Kohlman and volunteers have been working for months to ensure a great experience for everyone. 

“The size of the event was my biggest challenge, it is hard to understand how much goes into events of this magnitude until you are part of it,” he said. 

With dozens of experienced volunteers supporting him, Kohlman said the event was a success. 

“Pretty much anyone wearing an orange or blue Emma Creek shirt deserves thanks and praise for making this event so great,” he said. 

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Planting Success For Future Of Kansas Prairies

Posted 4/27/2016

Native plants were flying off the shelves at Dyck Arboretum during the Spring FloraKansas Plant Sale. What started as a fundraiser in the parking lot has expanded to include hundreds of shoppers purchasing tens of thousands of native plants.  

Manager Janelle Flory Schrock said sales jumped from 10,000 to 13,000 native species sold to shoppers. 

“The funds raised from our fall and spring plant sales represents nearly 25 percent of our annual operating budget for the Arboretum. We are pleased that so many people from our community of Hesston and the surrounding area are supporting this event and utilizing native plants in their landscape,” she said.  

Flory Schrock said gardeners were utilizing on-line tools provided by the Arboretum to plain their native gardens. 

“As always, folks are always looking for some of the hard to find natives that attract pollinators, such as milkweed. Little bluestem, which is a native prairie grass, was very popular, as well as bee balm varieties, such as "Cherry Pops" and "Cotton Candy,”” she said. 

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Rolling Up To The Red Carpet

Posted 4/21/2016

By Jackie Nelson

Flashbulbs and clamoring crowds wait with a kind of anxious energy every year at the Red Carpet.  Spectators crane their necks to see the dresses, tuxes and cars lining up around the corner as these one-night high school celebrities take their turn on the Red Carpet for Prom.

However, these few moments of red carpet glitz require a month of preparation and a team of volunteers. 

In order for Hesston High prom goers to make their smooth entrance to the Red Carpet, complete with introduction by regular emcee Dori Roth - who has volunteered to announce students and their rides for the last 17 years - student runners, valets, photographers and videographers all have to carefully time and coordinate each couple or group’s big moment.

Driver Clint Stoppel has been part of the valet crew for the last 11 years.

“It helps out our sponsors for this part of the prom experience,” he said.

Ty Rhodes, before he was promoted to principal, was a regular at the red carpet, driving vehicles into the parking lot for students.

“As a teacher I always did it because students asked me to and I had a hard time telling them no!  Again, as principal I'm more of a fill in as needed,” he said.

This year, Prom Coordinator Stephanie Simpson hopped behind the wheel of several cars. 

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Chief Honored By VFW

Posted 4/21/2016

Record Staff

Monday afternoon Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder received the the National Life Safety Award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

Nominated by former police officer and VFW member Richard Strickland, Schroeder’s profile quickly rose through the VFW ranks.

“I submitted his name to LeRoy Smith, a post commander,” he said.

Smith took the application and felt Schroeder should be recognized at a higher level.  Smith took the initaitive to submit the application to Dallas L. Love, the State Commander of the Kansas VFW.

“I went ahead and called the State director Lynn Roth III the State Director of emergency services. He said he looks good, send it to National,” said Smith.

Upon submitting the application to the national organization, it did not take long to get a positive response.

“It went to National in March and came back in April.  It was very fast,” said Smith.

Strickland said only individuals who saved lives were eligible for the award.

“We got to thinking this would be perfect, if they get the guy, because he had already killed so many people.  We knew he deserved the life saving award,” he said.

Strickland added the life saving award is not often awarded.

“We sent it up to national because any time a man puts his life on the line for the public, that’s not just his job, it makes him a hero and the VFW loves heroes,” said Smith.

Strickland said the award was an opportunity for the VFW to show its appreciation to residents who may not always receive recognition.

“As the VFW, we appreciate what they are doing. We want to let the agencies know we are supporting them. It doesn’t happen often, but we want to show our appreciation for that,” he said.

Strickland added he felt more connected to the tragedy at Excel as he is frequently in Hesston helping a friend with odd jobs around the house and left Hesston just hours before the shooting.

“I’ve been helping a friend in the trailer park. I wasn’t there when I usually was. We left to order a window and we heard about the shooting on the news. I would have been there if it was a more normal day,” he said. 

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Hoskins Retiring From Pharmacy

Posted 4/21/2016

Record Staff

After 24 years of ownership, Tom and Bev Hoskins are heading into retirement.  The couple purchased the pharmacy in 1991.  Bev earned her pharmacy license in 1975 and Tom passed his boards in 1976.

The pair bought the pharmacy after spending a decade in the industrial pharmacy industry. Tom worked at Dillons for 10 years.

“I said ‘I could do that, and I could do it better.’  I worked for three years for Ross Brickley. We were looking for a store and this one came up and Ross said ‘I want you to buy mine.’” said Tom. 

“We were friends, and that’s how it came about,” Bev added. 

As a couple, they have seen major changes to the pharmaceutical industry.

“When we graduated from pharmacy school, computers weren’t on the scene.  To fill 50 scrips, compounding everything, it was a busy day. You counseled, answered the phone and did everything by hand,” said Bev.

Now, 25-years later, the industry has made revolutionary shifts. 

“With people getting older they are taking a lot more medications. We have software that gives us drug interactions if a patient just tells us what they are allergic to,” said Bev.

She added, “Also, new drugs, lots of new drugs; tons of new drugs.” 

Tom added drug prices have increased dramatically in the last decades.

“You have to change medicines to something that is covered. It’s a lot more work to get things. You see jumps two-three-four times the cost,” he said. 

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Track Star Turned Cheerleader

Posted 4/21/2016

Record Staff

After four years of running track and power lifting, Taylor Valdez earned a spot on the Wichita State University all-girls cheer squad.

Valdez, a senior, has only one year of cheer experience at Hesston High, but competed against 50-plus women to earn one of a handful of spots on the WSU cheer squad.

Spirit Coordinator for WSU Kelly Rappard said Valdez’s athletic accomplishments set her apart from dozens of traditional cheerleaders competing to be on the squad.

“You have to have an athlete and you have to have the ability to teach them quickly,” she said.

In addition to having the physical abilities to keep up with the demands of cheer, Rappard added Valdez’s personality was one of her biggest assets.

“When you talk to her she’s warm and super-nice.  It’s not just about cheering at games. They are ambassadors for our university.  They’re out in the community and have to be able to talk to people. We did something like 87 community events - and that’s not including the games.  She has to be able to represent well. We look for people with those bubbly, outgoing personalities like she has,” she said.

Valdez said during her tryouts, she made a point to approach each judge and coach, shake their hand and formally introduce herself.

For the women’s cheer coach Nathan Group, that cemented Valdez as a member of his squad.

“Her voice projects. When she speaks, you pay attention. When she was talking to other girls or coaches, you could hear her.  If it was tumbling or stunts, you could tell where she was in the room. Then, obviously a huge asset was how quickly she picked up on everything,” he said. 

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HHS Singers Out To Save TheWorld

Posted 4/21/2016

Record Staff

 The Hesston High Singers will be hosting the annual Variety Show Thursday, April 28 and Saturday, April 30.

This year, the show’s theme is “Save The World” according to director Darren Enns.  Tickets for this year’s Variety Show are on sale at the Hesston High activities office for $7 for center seat and $4 for a wing seat.

Enns said audience members will be in for a new kind of Singers performance.

“ I have been moving the ‘meat’ of the songs away from the show choir type songs, and more towards the contemporary a cappella style of Pentatonix, Home Free, and other groups like that. I believe that this kind of music is what will get the next generation excited about choral music,” he said.

While working with students for months at a time, working around other activities can be Enns’ greatest challenge.

“So many of the singers are involved in a spring activity, be it a sport or robotics, forensics, etc. I never have everyone present at an evening rehearsal, which creates a lot of challenges for us. I want them to be involved in many things, but it is hard,” he said. 

To read more see this weeks print edition

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