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The Hesston Record Preview Video

Posted 8/11/2016

Check out the Hesston Record's Facebook Page to see this weeks preview of the paper.

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Win Big With Sweepstakes

Posted 8/11/2016

We sent the Record out to a few more people than we normally do this week.

Why? Because it’s our annual back to school Sweepstakes subscription drive and we want every home in the area to get a newspaper and see what all the Record newspaper has to offer.

The Record is in its 83rd year of publication and Martha and I have owned the newspaper for 10 years now. We came to Hesston in the fall of 2006 with two young kids. One is married now and one is in college.

Hesston has been a great place for us and we are so proud to publish your newspaper. Thank you for all of the support.

This week and next, everyone in the Hesston area will receive a newspaper with a Sweepstakes entry form that is wrapped around the papers. By filling this out, you can start a new subscription, get a great renewal deal if you are a current subscriber, or just fill it out to play in our contest. We will be giving out more than $300 in cash prizes, including a $250 first place prize.

Despite all of the negative news you may hear about newspapers, your hometown paper is doing fine. We continue to grow and this fall will move into a new space – more on that next month.

This is the only newspaper that dedicates all of its pages to Hesston and you can have it every week at your home for the next 60 weeks for only $37. We invite you to subscribe or if you are already a loyal reader, take advantage of our renewal offer.

Give us a try – there is no better time to subscribe.

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Congolese Refugees Arriving In Hesston

Posted 8/11/2016

By Jackie Nelson

A group of Hesston residents are working with Episcopal Migration Ministries—Wichita seeking to welcome refugee families into the Hesston community.

According to Marla Schmidt, a Hesston resident and director of Episcopal Migration Ministries Wichita, the families who arrive in Hesston will be from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, arriving from refugee camps in either Tanzania or Kenya.

The DRC has a population of just under 77.5 million. The median age, however, is just over 17-years-old.  The majority of the population is Christian and the trade language is French, however hundreds of local languages and dialects are spoken across the country.

Hesston Mennonite Church Pastor John Murray said the church has helped facilitate the moving of refugees into the community beginning last fall.

“The refugee crisis became evident with the number of refugees from different parts of the world. We can talk about it, we can pray about it but what can we do? That question connected us with Marla Schmidt, being part of our congregation,” he said.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been embroiled in a 10-year civil war.  Refugees have lived in camps for, on average, a decade, said Schmidt.

“If there are kids with the families, they have been born and raised and don’t now anything but a refugee camp as home,” said Murray. 

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City Sets Subsidy At $7,000 Max For Country Village Residents

Posted 8/11/2016

By Jackie Nelson

On Monday evening, in a split vote, the City Council approved 4-1 a subsidy for residents in Country Village. Councilman Brad Unruh was the dissenting vote.

The subsidy was broken into three parts: $7,000 for residents who own their homes and live in their homes if those residents move and leave a clean lot within 12 months.  A $5,000 subsidy will be given to residents who own their homes and live in their homes if they move and leave a clean lot within 13-24 months.  A final set subsidy of $2,000 was approved for residents who own, but do not live in, structures on their rented lot.

A letter will be issued to residents of Country Village with an application for the subsidy as well as conditions that apply. Those conditions include having a clean lot and being current on one’s lot rent.

Residents of Country Village can expect letters in the coming weeks. 

However, there are at least eight homes built before 1976 which will qualify for the maximum amount because the homes are not legally able to be moved from the property due to their age and regulations on mobile homes.

One resident inquired about the end cost of the project and was skeptical the council had any estimates on the final cost of the purchase, subsidy and other changes to the property.

“Someone told me this was about control of what happens with the trailer park. I lived there in 1979 and the city has always had control of the trailer park through ordinances for all these years but hasn’t enforced them,” said former council member Lee Birch.

Mayor Dave Kauffman acknowledged there is no set amount planned for Country Village expenditures.

“We don’t know all the bottom line numbers for repurposing. We do think we will recover a lot of our funds that way and begin collecting property taxes again and more. We felt lat this time, the was the best time to take control rather than have another out-of-town owner,” he said. 

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Sheriffs Candidates Take On First General Election Debate

Posted 8/11/2016

Record Staff

 Saturday morning, sheriffs candidates Chad Gay and Bryan Hall took part in the Harvey County Fair Country Talk. In the first debate of the general election, the candidates took on issues ranging from upholding the constitution to budgeting.

The Democrat candidate, Hall, was the first to introduce himself and gave a brief resume of his 18 years in law enforcement and moving through the ranks from patrol officer to a lieutenant commanding  a support services division and commander of the county-wide SWAT team. 

He holds a bachelors degree from Friends University, majoring in criminal justice and a masters degree from Wichita State University.

Republican candidate Gay has a 22-year history in law enforcement, primarily as the resource officer for Newton High School.

Gay spent four years in the Marine Corps after graduating from Newton High School in 1986.  He was honorably discharged as an E4 Corporal. 

Questions were taken from the audience and moderators Robb Reeves, owner of The Hesston Record and Harvey County Independent and Craig Sooter, owner of Biggest Little City Media.

• One of the first questions posed was what were the candidates top three priorities if elected.

Hall answered he would like to “stabilize the sheriffs office” through consistency in personnel. He would then, “assess strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats.” 

To read more see this weeks print edition

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Residents Can Win $250 For Returning Utility Bill Survey

Posted 8/11/2016

Record Staff

 Hesston residents have the opportunity to win $250 in Chamber Bucks by taking a few seconds to fill out and return a survey included in utility bills sent out this month.

Coordinated by Scott Robertson, he said the survey is part of the Kansas Corporation Commission, which requires a public awareness survey every four years.

“Every year we send out two public awareness letters that go out with utility bills,” he said. The program is to ensure residents are informed on the dangers of natural gas and how to report issues.

“I was talking with Jason Thrasher [city clerk] and Gary Emry [city administrator] and Rhonda Prieb [utility billing] and said we needed to try to incentivize the return. Gary said it was ok to use chamber bucks,” he said.

Robertson said the chamber bucks have been a positive motivator, with many surveys being returned.

“Some towns say you are doing good if you get 25 to 30 percent back. We’re targeting more than that,” he said.

Once the surveys have been returned, they will be analyzed and the statistics recorded to determine the effectiveness of the educational program on natural gas and gauge public awareness. Those statistics will be submitted to the Kansas Corporation Commission. 

“We want to be sure we are getting information out there what to do during a gas leak, how to recognize gas or carbon monoxide issues and who to call,” he said.

Surveys must be returned with utility bills, and only one form may be submitted for the drawing per billing address.

“If customers have questions, please contact the utility department. We try to provide customers with the best service possible,” he said.

The utility department can be reached through city hall at 620-327-4412. 

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