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Earl The Library Duck Has Tale To Tell

Posted 8/18/2016

By Jacki Nelson

Hesston Public Library's newest patron is not your typical reader.  Earl, a plucky mallard owned by residents near the library, has been checking out tales at the library. 

Hesston Public Library Director said the duck has adopted the library as his home base.

“We hope he just thinks the library is as cool as we think it is,” she said.

Albers said another possibility was Pearl, his mate, may be nesting in nearby shrubbery. 

“We have not seen Pearl, but that doesn’t mean she’s not there,” said Albers.

Earl first made his appearance around the library in the spring with two female mallards. 

“Then, there was one female, they had babies and all these ducklings were all over the neighborhood.  The babies went out to a farm pond,” said Albers.

It is only in the last two weeks Earl has adjusted to being an empty nester and taken up reading.

Albers said Earl will be put to work, making book recommendations on children’s books in his Duck Tales Pick Of The Week.

“There’s no free lunch, and no free poop-scooping!” said Albers. Staff clean around the library regularly. 

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Vandals Hit Local Business, Do $8,000 In Damage No Property Stolen, Gish Fabrication ‘Trashed’

Posted 8/18/2016

Record Staff

Gish Fabrication suffered major damage on Sunday, July 31.  Over $8,000 in damage was reported in two separate incidents. The fabrication shop closed in February of this year. 

Police Chief Doug Schroeder said no items were reported stolen, however he described the interior as ‘trashed.’ Damaged property included computers, tools, ceiling tiles and the bathroom.  For a complete list of damages, see the police report on page 4.

“In the early morning hours, someone entered the building and did a considerable amount of damage inside,”

Schroeder said owner Duane Gish reported the damage to the Hesston Police department in the morning of July 31.  A second report was also filed in the evening of the same day, reporting more damages. 

“Between that time and later that evening, the people or persons came back and did more damage,” said Schroeder.

He added businesses around Gish were not affected.

“The timeframes are right that the building was not occupied, and it did happen,” he said.

Schroeder said there was no forced entry and the department “is currently checking into all options, including former employees.”

Schroeder said the incident is an on-going investigation and residents are encouraged to notify the police department at 620-327-2020 if they saw suspicious activity or have heard anyone discussing the incident. 

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Kauffman Returns From National Competition After Being Crowned Kansas Miss America Outstanding Teen

Posted 8/18/2016

Record Staff

After being crowned Miss Kansas Outstanding Teen, Hesstonian Paige Kauffman traveled to the Miss USA Outstanding Teen in Orlando, Florida for a shot at the national crown.

“It’s the best week I’ve ever had. I’m surprised I’m still alive,” said Kauffman.

Throughout the week-long event, Kauffman said she and 51 other girls learned dance routines, rehearsed and perfected hair and makeup routines.

“There were so many Miss Congeniality moments, I couldn’t even count” she said.

Kauffman said girls arrived to breakfast with curlers in their hair and when the group streamed onto the bus, each girl was wearing her state title sash. 

“We all called each other by our state names,” she said.

However, there were surprises along the way.

“I had dessert every day. The food they had was junk!  We had fried popcorn chicken, french fries; we didn’t have salad.  You lose weight during pageant week because of the stress and all the rehearsals so I was like, ‘I’m going to eat as much cake as I want!’ It wasn’t a concern of mine,” she said.

While on stage, the girls were polished and strove for perfection. However, Kauffman said it was sometimes chaotic behind the scenes.

“When you have 17 girls in one tiny dressing room, you want to be more prepared. You might not have an outlet or mirror space.

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Close Encounters of the Nepali Kind

Posted 8/18/2016

By Blake Spurney

Hesston Record Staff

Even in the vast country of the Great Basin Desert, Gary and Michael Oyer discovered how small a world containing 7.4 billion people could be.

Brothers Amrit and Ajit Baral of Nepal are learning firsthand how big the world is and how welcoming people can be halfway across the globe.

The Oyers were driving to Oregon on July 19 when they came across two bicyclists on a two-lane highway near the Utah-Nevada border. Gary said he and his son hadn't seen a soul for half an hour, and the bicyclists were holding up their water bottles.

"It was a hot day in Nevada," he said. "They were going into the wind, and they ran out of water."

The highway didn't have much of a shoulder, and the Oyers stopped in the middle of the road. The Barals, who are in the midst of a bicycle tour around the world to spread awareness about the environment and HIV/AIDS awareness, had underestimated the amount of water they would need in the harsh environment.

"When you're driving out in that desolate of a place, and people are holding up water bottles, I think it would be very hard for someone to drive by," he said.

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Few Code Violations Recorded At Country Village

Posted 8/18/2016

By Jacki Nelson

Residents of the Country Village Mobile Home park have noticed some changes since the city took ownership of the park only a few weeks ago.

City Administrator Gary Emry said the improvements made to the park were accomplished using city crews.

“The street department, within a week of taking possession of the park, was in removing the speed bumps. After the July 25 meeting when we announced we were considering it and got such an overwhelmingly favorable response, we went and took those out,” said Ermy.

He said Parks Department crews have added Country Village common areas to the regular mowing schedule as well.

“They line it up, if they are out with the big mowers, then they hit the big spaces; the same with being out with smaller mowers to do the trimming and edging,” said Emry.

Emry indicated the city’s next priority “will be inspecting vacated sewer lines where people have moved homes out and left their waste connection to the mobile home open and it wasn’t capped.  We will be finding, cleaning and capping those so there is no more infiltration into the sewer system.”

Code violations were a concern for residents both inside the park and in the larger community.

In July, the Record submitted a Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) request for any code violations recorded at Country Village Mobile Home Park. Three written violations were submitted under the KORA.

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County Could Save $200K on Hesston Bridge

Posted 8/18/2016


Hesston Record Staff

NEWTON — The Board of Harvey County Commissioners heard a pitch from a bridge-builder Monday morning that could save taxpayers $200,000.

Stan Scudder, owner of Bridges, Inc. in Newton, previously had submitted the low bid of $997,187.50 to replace the bridge over Emma Creek just east of Hesston. He asked to address commissioners about an alternative design that would change the foundation. He noted that the original bid already was 10 percent below the engineering estimate of $1.1 million, yet the new design would save even more money. He said the 60-day timeframe of construction shouldn’t be affected. Construction is expected to begin in September.

MKEC Engineering, the county’s engineering firm, will review the alternative design before commissioners approve the bid. Commissioner Randy Hague asked how much more the county would be spending on engineering fees.

Carl Svaty, with MKEC, said he didn’t foresee the new design as being a big deal. MKEC will review it and make a recommendation to commissioners. King Construction in Hesston submitted the only other bid ($1,352.909).

County Administrator John Waltner said Scudder was a local and reputable bridge-builder who had put a lot of time into the project. He also said the county was fortunate to have people like Scudder with whom to work.

“We're taxpayers here, too,” Scudder said. "It's nice to work at home once in a awhile.”

Commissioners also formally adopted a 2017 county budget of $24.6 million, about half of which will be funded by ad valorem taxes.

“It's been cussed and discussed since March or April,” said Commissioner Randy Hague. “I think we've got it all hashed out.”

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