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Hesston EMS Earns State-Wide Distinction

Posted 8/25/2016

By Jacki Nelson

Hesston Emergency Services received the Type II Emergency Medical Service of the Year award from the The Kansas Emergency Medical Service Association (KEMSA) - the state’s professional EMS organization.

Director Russ Buller said the award recognizes Hesston EMS as the no. 1 provider of Basic Life Support service.

Hesston EMS was nominated by peers in the emergency services sector.  Buller said, “Numerous letters of reference have to be provided with the nomination packet. This packet, once complete, is then sent out of state to a selection team made up of our peers in other states.”

Being recognized by KEMSA was an honor for Buller and his department and validated his faith in his staff.

“It makes me extremely proud of our staff that tirelessly respond, train and maintain our department to provide a high level of emergency medical service to our community,

“Without them we would not be in operation. It takes dedicated personnel to make a service successful,” he said. 

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USW Local 11-228 Awarded For TPP Activism

Posted 8/25/2016

By Jacki Nelson

The Hesston United Steel Workers Local 11-228 was recognized by the United Steel Workers International for its work raising awareness and resistance to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

The award was given for the Rapid Response for District 11 and the “Outstanding Committment to Defeating the TPP.”

Local 11-228 President Christian Ward said only two locals received the distinction. 

“It is the fist award that our local has ever received in the 57-year history,” he said.

Prior to the election of new leadership last year, Ward said the local union hall had been described as “dormant and inactive.”

Rapid Response leader Bob Ryan of the national division praised the local during the awards ceremony in Saint Louis, Missouri.  

“Look at these guys behind me. You can turn it around,” said Ryan.

Ward said with a membership of 471, Local 11-228 should be taking action.

“For a local our size, we should be active.  The new board is on top, there is a loyalty to every dues-paying member out there.  For every dues-paying member, this is their recognition,” he said.

AGCO, being an international company, has manufacturing plants around the world in Brazil, Mexico, China and many more, said treasurer Roberto Delgado.

“In one way or another, we knew the TPP would impact us somewhere,” he said.

The TPP is a free-trade agreement brokered between the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim countries. The agreement cuts tariffs and incorporates an area larger than the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the agreement could also supersede financial regulations. 

“Where are the agriculture manufacturers? Case, John Deere, look where they’re at. Commodity prices are horrible. There’s so much inventory that’s just sitting.  Now is the time for international companies to make a move like that,” said financial secretary Glen Davis.

Ward said shortly after Local 11-228 delivered hundreds of signed petitions protesting the TPP, AGCO issued flyers to employees promoting the agreement and encouraging workers to “take action” in favor of the trade agreement. 

“I was pretty astounded, and a little mad, when I saw that flyer. But at the same time, we got someone’s attention,” he said.

However, Davis said while the TPP would be disastrous for industrial workers, farmers using Hesston-made products will continue to be loyal to the brand.

“They don’t necessarily know AGCO, but they know their Hesston bailer. You ask, ‘Where’s your AGCO products?’ and you might get some looks. But if you ask them ‘Hey, where’s your Hesston swather or your Hesston bailer?’ and they will know,” he said.

Ward said by protesting the TPP, Local 11-228 is not only looking after local jobs, they are working to ensure the integrity of the Hesston brand. 

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Analytics Lead To New Anabaptist Collection

Posted 8/25/2016

By Jacki Nelson

Hesston Public Library has created a section unique to the history and heritage of the community - the Mennonite and Amish Heritage Collection.

Library Director Libby Albers and Librarian Emily Miller have been combing through the library’s book collection and compiling a section of non-fiction works relating to Anabaptist heritage.

“Circulation isn’t the only way we look at analyzing our collection. We look at local significance,” said Albers, “Because of our community, I think this special collection makes sense.”

The books are marked with the symbol of a threshing stone along the spine. 

Albers and Miller said the books in the collection are non-fiction because of the volume of religious fiction in the library.

“People are used to finding fiction where it is.  Moving the large volume of it to the new space would defeat the purpose of highlighting the collection,” said Miller.

Albers added the project began nearly a year ago, when separating out the smallest of books for iconic Mennonite peppernut cookies - the books, Albers said, were among her favorite finds during the project. 

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Swimming Pool Construction Concerns County

Posted 8/25/2016


Hesston Record Staff

NEWTON — A building permit issued by Harvey County for the construction of a swimming pool west of Walton could put the county at odds with the Sandy Creek Watershed District.

County Administrator John Waltner on Monday told the Board of Harvey County Commissioners that Planning and Zoning Director Gina Bell approved the application of Dr. Troy Holdeman. Bell issued a letter with “clear, cautionary information” for the pool that would be built next to Holdeman’s house, he said.

The issue at hand has a history going back several years, and the pool permit has been the topic of threatened legislation. Commissioners met in closed session the previous two weeks to discuss the situation with county counselor Greg Nye. Three watershed officials attended the Aug. 8 closed session.

Waltner later gave this summary. Holdeman built a house west of an old Nazarene camp. The watershed district later determined that the house was built on an easement it holds. The district obtained easements decades ago in areas that are in the breach route of its flood-control dams. Sand Creek appealed to the state Division of Water Resources, which determined that some of the breach routes depicted on maps might be incorrect.

Commission Chairman George “Chip” Westfall said the state didn’t have “the foresight or guts” to put its position in writing, which jeopardizes the county’s position.

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