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Jahay On The Move From USD 460 After 23 Years

Posted 1/14/2016

By Jackie Nelson

Feisal Jahay Supervisor of Operation, has left USD 460 after 23 and a half years of service.  Over the years, Jahay has managed eight bus drivers on routes, supervised 19 employees, kept 10 buses and 17 USD 460 vehicles running and managed a massive budget.

“The reason I cam here was I love kids.  I’m going to miss the people and the kids,” he said. 

Superintendent Ben Proctor added with his many skills and acquired knowledge, Jahay has been difficult to lose. 

“It is difficult to replace someone like Feisal who is skilled in so many facets of the operational side of our school district.  Therefore, we have focused on maximizing the skills of the people we have and that means placing our people in a position to be most successful.  That is what we have done and we feel very good going forward under Les Guhr's leadership,” he said.

During his tenure with USD 460, Jahay has worked under seven superintendents and many principals.   However, he said now is the time to move on.

“It’s age. And I’ve had three back surgeries.  I have to protect myself. There is a lot of lifting - it’s a physically demanding job,” he said.

While Jahay is leaving his full-time position, he said his secretary, Kay Litton, made him promise to be an alternate on the bus driver schedule, where many of the students are most familiar with him.

“One of the funniest things about kids was with [former Hesston Elementary School principal] Pat Duffy.  We had a period of time when kids were having some dicipline issues on the buses and we had to keep some kids from riding. 

“We had a child that got in trouble, and we dealt with all the dicipline issues with the principals.  Pat and I sat down with one kid and asked, “Do you know who Feisel is?” The kid answered, “He’s the guy that kicks kids off the bus.”  It’s not cool to be known as that, but we had to explain why some kids lose the privilege of riding. But it was pretty funny,” said Jahay. 

For his own children, when Jahay moved to Hesston, he and his wife, Ellen, carefully considered which schools would be best, moving to Hesston while Feisel commuted to Newton.

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Hesston High Artists On Display

Posted 1/14/2016

By Jackie Nelson

Three Hesston High artists have had work selected for Scholastic Art and Writing awards.

Riley Armstrong, Jessica Guardiola and Kristin Hiebert have had a total of four pieces selected for display at the Wichita Center For The Arts.

Hiebert’s piece is a sharpie and watercolor drawing of a seahorse.  Guardiola submitted a large, paper mache bear. Armstrong had two pieces of photography chosen for display.

“I really like bears. They’re really facinating animals. Everyone also pictures them as really scary, but they’re really peaceful animals,” said Guardiola.

Savage was surprised Armstrong took up an independent photography study.

“I never would have known Riley, he never would have come to me.  One of his friends brought him to me.

“He really has an eye and he seems like he really loves it.  I wasn’t surprised he got a couple pieces in. They’re really pretty high quality,” she said.

When searching for material Armstrong said he spends hours simply driving across Kansas and being lost can at times create the most interesting art. 

“The tree picture was taken in Burns.  I just drove until I saw something I liked.  I actually drove the wrong way that day because there was just nothing.  I drove for about 45 minutes really slow down dirt roads and got that picture what ended up being about three hours later,” he said.

Armstrong said he also spends time online looking for inspiration.

“I see lots of cool stuff I wanted to try, and it ended up pretty good.  The long exposure I took by Skoops,” he said. 

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H.E.S. Student Takes Taekwondo Trophy In OKC

Posted 1/14/2016

Record Staff

Elyse Griffin, a seven-year-old girl at Hesston Elementary School, took first place in Olympic Style Sparing, competing as a blue belt, at the U.S. Central Taekwondo Association Invitational Championship. 

To earn her title, Elyse triumphed over another blue belt competitor in an overtime “sudden death” victory. 

She also placed third in forms at the competition as a blue belt.

Elyse took part in two matches to earn her first place finish. The second match was an easy 6-3 win for Elyse.  Sparing rounds take place on two one-minute bouts. 

In her first match, Elyse was tied with her challenger 2-2 at the end of the bout, sending the contest in to overtime. The competitor to hit the others chest protector first would be declared the winner.

“They went about 30 seconds before Elyse got in a kick to the chest. 

“Her second sparing fight was against a boy, and she beat the tar out of him. She wanted that trophy,” said John Griffin, Elyse’s father. 

Elyse has committed a great deal of time and energy to Taekwondo, attending classes three times per week at the Newton Taekwondo Center.

“This is part of her lifestyle. It’s easy to get her to go to class. She’s kind of quiet about it, which is perfect. There is more of a surprise element to it,” said Griffin.

In addition to taking home trophies, Elyse is learning valuable lessons in self-discipline and self defense.

Giffin, said his daughter is following in her older brother, Austin’s, footsteps and has been enrolled in the sport since she was five-years-old. 

“Sparing is exciting.  I can defend myself and make more friends.  It helps wit flexibility,” said Elyse. 

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City Writes Off Thousands In Uncollectables

Posted 1/14/2016

By Record Staff

Each year the City of Hesston must write off a certain amount of uncollectable debt from Emergency Services, Municipal Court and utilities non-payment.

Hesston Emergency Services Director Russ Buller said each year the city writes off accounts that have been determined to be uncollectable.

“Due to patient confidentiality we do not furnish a list of delinquent accounts,” he said.

In some instances, according to Buller, the person owing the debt is deceased and there were not estates to collect outstanding balances from.

Buller said a third party contractor, AMS Collection Agency. 

Buller said other write-off categories have increased due to the increase in service charges for Hesston Emergency Services.

According to Buller, there are contractual writeoffs with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare and Medicaid.

“The only way to impact the Blue Cross contractual rate and fee schedule is to have the market rise.  As the market rises, they rise with it, just at a slower pace,” he said.

Medicare and Medicaid writeoffs also took a “significant jump.”  Buller said EMS is bound to federally mandated pice fixing and bound to Medicare and Medicaid fee schedules. 

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The Force With JV Swather JV Scholars’ Bowl Team

Posted 1/14/2016

Record Staff

The HHS JV Scholars' Bowl team for placed third on Thursday, Dec. 17 meet at the Campus High Invitational.

Coach Patrice LeFevre said the team has been anticipating this meet.

“We had been on a waiting list for this meet, and I found out about the opening a few days before, so I had to try to get enough students to play,” she said.

With the Hesston High choir and band winter concert, LeFevre said many of her players are part of those groups and fielding a team was a challenge.

“I was lucky and exactly five people were able to attend.  They were a great team and came home with the third place medals,” she said.

Eight teams competed, and the Swather scholars only lost two of seven rounds.

The players were Sam Hunsberger as captain, Jacob Luzier, WIll Rizza, Zach Bollinger, and Laura van Bergeijk.

“The team was excited because there was a Star Wars category for this meet, and The Force Awakens opened the next day,” said LeFevre.

The team answered all but two of the questions in this category.

“For having such short notice, this team really pulled it together and proved how strong the HHS Scholars' Bowl team is,” said LeFevre. 

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Future Varsity Scholars TestedAt SE Saline Meet

Posted 1/14/2016

Record Staff

On Thursday, Jan. 7, the Swather Scholars' Bowl team competed at the South East of Saline varsity meet.

Coach Patrice LeFevre said she takes a unique approach to this competition. 

“Since I began coaching at HHS in 2009, I have used this meet as a practice for the juniors and sophomores.

“This gives those who may not have a chance at many varsity meets, a chance to either play or observe a varsity meet in preparation for their junior and senior year. The meet is a well-run varsity meet with a variety of questions that are not too hard and not too easy,” she said.

LeFevre added the South East of Saline meet challenges younger players with categories that are more specific, such has government and grammar, rather than broad categories like language arts and social sciences. 

“It is a perfect place for the juniors and sophomores to try out their varsity wings or hone their skills depending on the student and how much varsity experience each student has,” said LeFevre.

Reuben Peachey-Stoner was the captain, and Sam Hunsberger, Sam Bartel, Jordan Carter, Jacob Luzier, and Ciaran Schaedtler were the other members of the team. All were juniors, except Sam Bartel, who is a sophomore. 

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