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State Says Liens Generated Automatically

Posted 1/22/2016

By Jackie Nelson

With dozens of liens issued in Harvey County because of unemployment overpayment, the process of notifying residents of overpayments and impending liens has been a point of confusion for the county’s Registers of Deeds and residents.

This week, the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) explained the notification and collection process for many of the outstanding unemployment overpayment balances across the state.

According to KDOL spokesperson Barbara Hersh in a written statement, there are three primary mechanisms for overpayments: fraud, good-faith errors, incorrect reporting of earnings and if a claimant is initially found eligible to receive benefits, but that decision is later overturned during appeals.

According to correspondence with Hersh, “Approximately $13,186,869 in overpayments was established in 2015. But this number includes weeks of benefits paid prior to 2015. Approximately $4,677,866 of this figure is attributable to fraud.  In 2015 a total of $253,615,710 in unemployment benefits was paid to Kansas claimants.”

Hersh said KDOL staff determines fraud. 

Hersh said residents with overpayments are notified with the initial administrative decision by written notice.

When the written notice is sent, an appeals process can begin.

When the appeals periods have run or all appeals have been exhausted, KDOL’s lien “upon all property and rights to property, whether real or personal, belonging to such . . . person” comes into existence at that time.

According to Hersh, “There is no additional step required to provide notice or filing of the lien’s existence to create the lien. The lien is automatic.”

The liens, as well as the other recovery processes outlined, apply to renters just as to homeowners. The lien extends to “all property and rights to property, whether real or personal, belonging to such person.”

The lien, and its recorded notice, are blanket liens as to all property, no specific property description is required, in the county in which the lien is recorded.

If the lien is not addressed, KDOL waits for the transfer of property.

“All real property in Kansas owned by an individual eventually, either by choice or at death, is transferred.

“Once a Notice of Lien is filed, third parties - i.e., potential transferees of such property - are on notice that the state has a prior interest in the property. Those are most often resolved by payment at the time of such transfer. The recording of the Notice of Lien provides some assurance that the overpayment will be repaid at time of sale or other transfer,” said Hersh.

However, according to Hersh, the state has not seized or foreclosed on property to recover funds. KDOL has garnished wages and withheld tax returns as repayment measures. 

Once the funds are obtained by the state, they are put into the unemployment trust fund.

A limited number of employers are reimbursed dollar-for-dollar for benefits that are paid and repaid. These employers are known as “reimbursing employers.” This option is only available to certain entities such as non-profit organizations.

The vast majority of employers do not see a dollar-for-dollar reimbursement. Instead, the amount is credited to their experience rating account, which determines their tax rate. 

Under federal law, the unemployment trust fund can only be used to pay benefits.

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AGCO Fire Ruled Accidental, Caused By Pallet

Posted 1/21/2016

By Jackie Nelson

Misti Uhlman, Fire Marshal at Hesston, reported a fire call at AGCO Plant 1 at approximately 10 p.m. on Thursday.

According to Uhlman, the cause of the fire was a pallet. Damage in Plant 1 was minor and contained to one wall.

“We think a pallet caught on fire because a hot piece of metal was placed on it,” she said.

Uhlman said the fire was minimal and employees were able to extinguish the fire before Hesston and Newton fire trucks arrived.

“They have extinguishers every 50 feet, and they used three extinguishers Their employees did exactly the right thing,” she said. 

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Chamber Seeking Nominations For Business, Citizen Of The Year

Posted 1/21/2016

By Jackie Nelson

Once again this year the Hesston Chamber of Commerce is honoring a Citizen of the Year and a Business of the Year for 2015.

For the first time ever, nominations have been opened to the public.  The deadlines for nominations is Friday, Feb. 12. Winners will be announced at the Chamber Banquet Tuesday, Feb. 23.

“I think the Citizen of the Year is a community award, so everyone can have some input. There’s a lot of people doing good things that we might not even be aware of.  And it gives others an opportunity to nominate,” said Becky Galloway, Hesston Chamber Director.

The business of the year nomination will also be open to the public.

“We are looking for businesses and individuals that are involved in the community - character, commitment, leadership and making a positive difference for the residents and businesses,” said Galloway.

Galloway said in the event there are several nominees for either award, the Chamber Board will make the final decisions.

Like last year, winners will not be informed prior to the Chamber Banquet.

“So far we’ve done well with that. It might be a little tricky having it open to the public, but we like to keep it a surprise for that night,” said Galloway.

Forms for nomination may be submitted to the Hesston Chamber of Commerce at City Hall,  115 E. Smith.  Forms can be found in this week’s edition on page 11. 

For more information or to submit electronic nominations, contact Galloway at 620-327-4102 or at

 Who qualifies to be nominated for Person of the Year?

  • Served the Hesston community above and beyond that required or expected through the individual’s employment.
  • Demonstrated character, commitment, and /or leadership that made a positive difference.
  • Contributed his/her talents in helping others through acts of goodwill without personal or monetary compensation.
  • Demonstrated leadership resulting in contributions that had a positive impact on the city of Hesston.  (could list examples (arts, recreation, community work, business, etc.)

Who qualifies to be nominated for Business of the Year?

  • Business achievement and growth
  • Overall positive impact on community through spirit, drive and vision
  • Volunteer service and leadership
  • Exceptional customer service philosophy and practices
  • Been in business one year
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Hesston Scouts Brave Cold For Annual Trappers Meet

Posted 1/21/2016

By Record Staff

Six Hesston boy scouts and four fathers braved sub-zero wind chills this past weekend to attend the 39th annual Trappers meet at Harvey County West park.

Over 7,000 Scouts from several states attended the weekend long event.

Kris Shelite, Ron LeFevre and Andy Gamble were three of the four parents who escorted the young scouts for the weekend. 

Shelite, who attended Trappers as a scout in the early 1990s, said the event has grown dramatically and changed since he as  a camper.

“I don’t ever remember us having to come in advance and marking off spaces and picking a spot to camp,” he said.

Long-time Scout leader Andy Gamble has been taking part in the Trappers tradition for over a decade.

“The bigger part of is is so the boys learn how to take care of themselves in these kinds of conditions and weather. 

“The second part is having that experience with my own son, since that’s why I do it in the first place. But, I did it before I had kids of my own just because it is important to help these boys learn and grow - how to take care of themselves being outdoors,” he said.

While the Hesston scouts maintained the ‘roughing it’ tradition and braved the cold with sleeping bags, camp fires and thermal clothing, Shelite said other scouting groups took a more modern approach to weekend camping.

“There was one group with generators and a big screen TV watching the Chief’s game. Some other group had a generator that ran non-stop for a 20-by-40 tent with a heater and lights,” said Shelite. 

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Lions Sponsoring Historic Cause

Posted 1/21/2016

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Lions Club is getting back to its roots for the 65th annual Lions Club Pancake Feed Saturday, Jan. 30 from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Hesston Middle School. 

The Lions Club has historically been dedicated to improving vision and assisting with eyesight needs since the club’s founding in 1917.  This year, the Hesston Lions are using funds from the Pancake Feed to offset the costs of purchasing a $7,500 Spot Vision Screener for USD 460.

“This is in keeping with the Lions Club International.  Hellen Keller, decades ago, tasked the Lions members to be knights for the blind - that’s the term she used,” said John Buller, Lions Club Pancake Coordinator.

USD 460 nurse Tammi Krehbiel said the tool will allow her to more quickly and effectively screen students’ eyesight. 

Krehbiel, who screens the vision of all USD 460 students throughout the school year, said she frequently finds two or three students in each elementary school class, a hand-full of middle school students and two or three high school students struggling with poor vision.

“It’s a little more accurate. With our current machine, if they move their head, or if I ask them to use an eye chart, I have to rely on them.  This will be a lot more accurate,” she said.

In addition, the process for assessing vision is simplified and made much quicker by the Spot Vision Screener. 

To read more see this weeks print edition

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