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Local Mechanic Has Car, Tools, Titles Stolen

Posted 1/28/2016

By Jackie Nelson

On Wednesday morning, Jan. 20, Hesston Auto Repair owner Brian Epp reported a burglary.  Sargent Chris Carter with Hesston PD responded to the scene.

According to Epp, a 1992 Crown Victoria, belonging to Hesston College student Jared Hurst of Pennsylvania, was stolen along with several other valuables.

On Jan. 20, McPherson Police located the stolen vehicle in the city of McPherson and conducted a traffic stop.

The vehicle was being driven by Alan Wayne Moffett, and also occupied by Moffett’s brother, Travis Ryan Belt.

According to Carter, both of those individuals were arrested in McPherson for being in possession of the stolen vehicle, as well as several other felony charges to be sought by the McPherson Police Department, including possession of a stolen handgun that was located inside the vehicle at the time of their arrest.

The burglary to Hesston Auto Repair occurred between 8:15 p.m. and 8 a.m. Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning. 

Epp said the incident put him half-a-day behind on work, as well has dealing with the damage.

“Wednesday night it kind of hit me a bit.  What you have here is a town that is very close to a large interstate so you have people moving through and stopping,” said Epp.

The front door of the business had been forcefully opened with a crowbar-type tool, causing significant damage to the door frame and the door.

“I saw right away the door was jimmied with a crowbar,” said Epp.

The suspect(s) stole numerous items from inside the business, including power tools, auto parts, documents, several BB and pellet guns and $70 cash.

The total loss to Hesston Auto Repair from theft and damage at the business totaled  slightly over $2,000.

“We do the best we can. There isn’t much to change as far as security. We’ve got some pretty serious locks,” said Epp.

Thursday, Jan. 22,  Sgt. Carter went to the McPherson County Detention Center to interview Moffett and Belt regarding the stolen vehicle and the Hesston Auto Repair burglary. Both suspects refused to speak with Sgt. Carter.

Evidence was collected from the scene at Hesston Auto Repair, and the investigation into the burglary and the stolen vehicle are ongoing at this time. The owner of the stolen vehicle now has the vehicle back in his possession. The Hesston Police Department case is being submitted to the Harvey County Attorney.             

Epp said

“What I was most concerned about was the customer’s car. I was concerned about the person. They are a college student and didn’t need that happening. I’m happy his car has been found,” said Epp. 

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Hesston High Production Worth A Million Bucks

Posted 1/28/2016

By Record Staff

The Hesston High theater department will be putting on the play Million Dollar Baby - the production will not feature Clint Eastwood or Hillary Swank.

Instead, Million Dollar Baby centers on a brother and sister duo competing for a $1 million inheritance from their father.

Actors and actresses will take the stage Feb. 4 and 6 at the Hesston High auditorium.

Director Nealee Johnston said with 36 cast members, it was a challenge to find a play with enough rolls.

“We thought about doing two different plays that were one-acts. But we decided to go with this one because it fits our needs,” she said.

Rebecca Heddin and Freddie Loeffler are taking the lead roles as Nellie and Creepstone Cavandish - the siblings vying for the $1 million.

“One of them is a do-gooder and opens a mission.  She’s not all about the money.  He is all about the money.  He (Loeffler’s character) is our evil guy.  It’s a melodrama.  He’s the evil, sinister brother who is all about making money. And, he’s going to rip her off,” said Johnston.

The cast of the play has been working on their lines and memorizing the script since before Christmas - receiving their playbooks before leaving for Christmas.  Last week was the cast’s first week “off book,” said Johnston.

With a month before the production, cast members continue to refine their characters.

“It’s hard putting body motions into your words. You can’t just stand there,” said Shyann Phillips, playing the role of Fanny.

Heddin said she could only partially relate to her goodie-two-shoes character.

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Robots Storming Hesston

Posted 1/28/2016

By Jackie Nelson

Hesston High will be overrun by robots this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for the third annual Swather Robotics Invitational.

Competitions will begin at 10 a.m. with rounds lasting only six minutes. 

Robotics competitors said with the fast-paced competition, spectators can see whole bouts in just a few minutes.

“You don’t have to be there forever. You can just come by,” said senior Zach Rizza. 

Freshman Ally Weaver said those wanting to see a whole new side of Swather creativity should come to the tournament.

“It’s a different kind of creativity. They see art and choir and this is robotics,” she said.

Micah Miller added, “It’s not every day they can go to a high school and see robots.”

Instructor Trevor Foreman said students have been preparing, testing and competing with their bots since the summer.

“The sheer amount of time they’ve been at these things... Some of these bots they’ve been working on since mid-August.  The volume of time that it takes to create a competitive boy is astounding,” he said.

For rookie Weaver, coming into the class brought up not only competition with classmates, but sibling rivalry.

“My brother is in this class.  We [van Bergeijk and Weaver] have a lot to live up to with our brothers.  Kendrick [Weaver] said I should try it. This was an experimental year,” she said. 

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Ugandan Childrens Choir On International Mission

Posted 1/28/2016

By Jackie Nelson

Ten children from Uganda have traveled around the United States for nearly a year, performing ethnic songs and dances while raising awareness and funds for Childcare Worldwide, a non-profit providing sponsorships for children in a dozen countries. 

Performers in the Ugandan Kids Choir range in age from just eight-years-old to 12.

All of the children performing in the choir have been sponsored by a family.

Esther Birungi, one of the escorts for the group, as well as choreographer and coach, said the children work together for two months before beginning a tour to practice, bond and get to know their adult caretakers.

“We are really like their parents,” said Birungi. 

While many children being sponsored are orphans, the children in the choir have families at home.

Being on tour for nearly a year, the young performers have spent all of their time traveling coast-to-coast in the United States.

“I don’t want to sleep. It is hard to get to sleep. I don’t know what time it is,” said Julius, age 12.

Jet lag has been a new experience for the children, with two performances in one day - a morning performance in Wichita, followed by an evening performance in Bonifay, Florida on Jan. 31. 

Carol, age 12, said during her time abroad, she has missed her parents.

All of the children said they missed Ugandan food the most.

“I miss matoke,” said Kasim.

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Robert Bishop - Our New Weather Guy

Posted 1/28/2016

By Jackie Nelson

Robert Bishop has been fascinated by Kansas weather since he moved to the McPherson from Nevada in 1997.

“If it turns ominous outside, I’m out looking. Being a volunteer weatherman sounded kind of cool.  It’s pretty easy to do and doesn’t take much time,” said Bishop.

With a four-inch rain gauge issued by the National Weather Service attached to his deck, Bishop has been reporting rain amounts to the weather service since October.

“Sometimes you wake up and you don’t even go look - you know you didn’t get anything,” he said.

Bishop added while he has always payed attention to the weather, he was in for a few surprises on rain measurements.

“When it is raining pretty steadily, you think ‘That’s at least an inch of rain.’ But it turns out that it is a half-inch or less. Sometimes you really over-estimate how much rain we got,” he said.

While Hesston has not been digging out from inches of snow, Bishop said there has still been plenty of precipitation.

“This winter, it rained a lot. We haven’t gotten a lot of snow, but we have gotten a lot of moisture,” he said.

The two ice storms have posed the greatest challenge, because Bishop must report moisture content of ice and snow, not simple amounts.

“You have to melt the ice to get water content. There’s a technique to not only figure the depth of snow but the water content,” he said. 

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