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Hail To The Chief

Posted 9/15/2016

By Jacki Nelson

Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder led the Kansas City Chiefs out from the tunnel on Sunday, Sept. 11. Schroeder was honored as one of the Home Town Heros for the Kansas City team.

“I’m a big Chiefs fan and last spring, Gary Emry made contact with someone up there and they invited me up to their draft party.  I got to meet some players and past players in the Ambassador program,” said Schroeder.

This fall, he received an unexpected call from the Chiefs, asking if he would be interested in attending the first game of the regular season.

“They said they were wanting to salute and honor first responders and veterans. THey said, ‘Would you be a guest at the game?’ Obviously I said yes,” said Schroeder.

HOwever, after accepting the invitation to attend the game and hold a seat in the Founder’s Club, Schroeder was contacted again.

“Friday, they contacted me again and said ‘We’ve identified a couple people - Home Town Heroes - and we are asking if they would do some extra events at the game.  They asked me to carry the flag out in front of the team coming out of the locker room,” said Schroeder.

While typically avoiding the limelight, he added, “I couldn’t turn it down.”

“It’s an honor because it’s representing and honoring other people around me. That feels very empowering,” he said.

As a Chiefs fan, Schroeder said being in the middle of Arrowhead Stadium was a once in a lifetime experience. 

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Coins Handed Out To Honor Excel Employees, Responders

Posted 9/15/2016

By Jared Janzen

HESSTON—Last Thursday, every Excel employee of Hesston received a commemorative coin as a way of showing support for the tragedy that occurred at their workplace in February when an active shooter shot and killed three workers and injured 14 others.

The coins that Excel employees received are intended as a small way of helping to bring closure to a painful, scary situation. They are part of a project by the Friends of the Harvey County Emergency Response Team to honor all those who were involved in any way with the events of the Excel shooting.

The idea of the coins began when the Friends of the Harvey County ERT decided to create a commemorative lapel pin for first responders to show appreciation to them. After developing a design, they expanded the project to also create a coin that could be given to Excel employees, victims and their families.

Altogether, 2,300 coins were ordered for distribution. This includes 1,100 for Excel employees and 700 for first responders at every level of involvement.

Commander of the Harvey County ERT Bryan Hall said he hoped the idea would be a way to show gratitude to every agency involved—not just law enforcement, fire and EMS, but also 911 dispatchers, road and bridge workers who controlled traffic, ER nurses, incident command workers and others. 

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Sweepstakes Winners Collect $350 In Prizes

Posted 9/15/2016

The Hesston Record has concluded its sweepstakes drive for 2016.  With this year’s winners chosen, three lucky residents went home with $350 total in prizes. 

This year’s grand prize winner was Arlis Hook walked away with $250.  The Hesstonian said he is working on a restoration project and is eager to get started.

“I have a ’62 Mercury, everyone in town knows I have it, and this will be going toward getting it running,” he said.

Second place, $75 winner, Lance Lehman said he was surprised to be one of this year’s drawing winners.   Lehman said he has placed several ads with The Record.

“I’ll be putting this toward the mortgage,” he said.

Third place winner Leroy Dyck said it “was the first time I’ve won anything.”

Dyck, who was on his way to Wichita when he picked up his $25 winnings said, “I’m not sure what I’ll use it for.”

The Record would like to thank all those who entered into our annual Sweepstakes drawing. 

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Dutch Bridge Replacement Begins Next Week, Road To Close

Posted 9/15/2016


Hesston Record Staff

NEWTON — Construction on the project to replace the bridge over Emma Creek on Dutch Avenue east of Hesston is expected to begin next Wednesday.

The Board of Harvey County Commissioners approved a new design submitted by Bridges, Inc. of Newton that is expected to save taxpayers nearly $300,000 from the original estimate. The bridge has a $698,863.75 price tag and is expected to be finished within 70 days. The road will be closed.

Commissioners also directed MKEC Engineering, the county’s engineering firm, to draw up a new design. That didn’t sit well with Commissioner Randy Hague. He wanted to know how much MKEC was going to get for redrawing a bridge plan. According to him, MKEC came up with the original design that was the “cat’s meow. Now we’re paying them to redo it. I personally don’t think that’s right.”

Finance Director Anthony Swartzendruber said the county had budgeted $990,000 in its capital-improvement plan for a 122.5-foot haunched-slab bridge.

Bridges, Inc. submitted a low bid of $997,187.50 in August for that design. Owner Stan Scudder later came back with an alternative design of the bridge abutment that is much cheaper to build.

Hague said if the new method is so much cheaper, then why didn’t the county build all its bridges this way. He said he was still irked that MKEC convinced the county to go with the original haunched-slab design.

County Administrator John Waltner said he would express Hague’s displeasure to MKEC.

“I think you need to,” Hague replied.

“If I screw up in my business, it costs me,” he added. “I don’t profit from it.”

Commissioners are looking for other ways to save money since fiscal pressures will only grow tighter with a new tax-lid law goes into effect Jan. 1. They directed Waltner to proceed with plans to sell Camp Hawk and a building occupied by ResCare at 700 E. 14th St.

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